LADWA Car Stopper – Ladwa-Car-Stopper-600mm

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  • Car Parking Aid: The LADWA Car Stopper, measuring 600 mm in length, serves as an effective aid for parking vehicles, providing a clear stopping point for drivers.
  • Durable Construction: Built with sturdy materials, the car stopper ensures durability and longevity, even under the weight of heavy vehicles.
  • Reflective Markings: The car stopper features reflective markings on its surface, enhancing visibility during low-light conditions and improving overall safety.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for convenience, the car stopper can be easily installed on various surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, and other parking lot materials.
  • Regular Size: With a standard length of 600 mm, the car stopper is suitable for regular-sized parking spaces and provides a consistent stopping point for drivers.
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The LADWA Car Stopper 600 mm Regular is a reliable parking aid designed to assist drivers in safely and accurately positioning their vehicles within parking spaces. Its sturdy construction ensures durability, allowing it to withstand the weight and impact of vehicles over time. The car stopper is equipped with reflective markings, making it highly visible even during low-light conditions, which adds an extra layer of safety for both drivers and pedestrians. Installing the car stopper is straightforward, and it can be securely placed on various surfaces like concrete, asphalt, or other common parking lot materials. The 600 mm length is considered a regular size, suitable for standard parking spaces, ensuring a consistent stopping point for drivers. Whether it’s a commercial parking lot or a residential area, the LADWA Car Stopper 600 mm Regular provides a practical solution to promote organized parking and prevent potential accidents.

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Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 10.5 cm


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