Ladwa Warning Light: Red Blinking Solar-Powered ‘Alert’


Solar-Powered Operation: Utilizes solar energy for charging, eliminating the need for external power sources and reducing environmental impact.
Three Blinking Modes: Offers versatility with three blinking modes, allowing users to adjust the warning signal intensity based on specific requirements or visibility conditions.
Enhanced Visibility: Provides clear visual cues to motorists, pedestrians, and workers, effectively alerting them to potential hazards or dangerous turns.
Versatile Mounting Options: Equipped with an adjustable clamp, it can be easily mounted anywhere, offering flexibility in installation on vehicles, barricades, or fixed structures.
Easy Installation and Operation: Features a unique button for selecting blinking modes, facilitating hassle-free installation and operation for users of all levels of experience.


The Ladwa Warning Solar Light is a multifunctional safety device designed to enhance visibility and awareness in various scenarios. Featuring solar charging capability, this light offers eco-friendly operation while ensuring continuous functionality. With three distinct blinking modes, it serves as an effective warning signal, especially in areas with sharp turns or hazardous conditions, prompting drivers to proceed with caution and attentiveness. This solar light comes equipped with a red color light, further enhancing its visibility and signaling potential dangers to road users. Whether mounted on the side of a vehicle or placed along roadways, construction sites, or accident-prone zones, this versatile light serves as a reliable indicator for motorists to slow down and exercise vigilance, ultimately promoting safer environments.


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