Ladwa Super Bright Blue PVC Traffic Cone P-1

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  • Vibrant Blue Visibility: Features a super bright blue color for enhanced visibility, ensuring effective traffic control and heightened safety.
  • Durable PVC Construction: Crafted from high-quality PVC, providing durability and resilience to various weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting use.
  • 750 mm Height: Stands at a height of 750 mm, offering a substantial presence suitable for roadworks, construction sites, and event management.
  • Stable Base: Designed with a stable base for excellent stability, minimizing the risk of tipping over, even in windy conditions.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for a range of applications, including traffic control, hazard signaling, and crowd management, making it a versatile solution for different scenarios.
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Elevate road safety and traffic management with the Ladwa Super Bright Blue PVC Traffic Cone P-1. Standing tall at 750 mm, this cone showcases a vibrant super bright blue color, ensuring superior visibility for effective traffic control. Constructed from durable PVC, it stands up to various weather conditions, making it a reliable choice for a variety of outdoor applications, from road construction and maintenance to event management.

The cone’s stable base guarantees excellent stability, reducing the risk of accidents even in windy conditions. Whether you need to redirect traffic, signal potential hazards, or manage crowds, this traffic cone is versatile and dependable. Invest in the Ladwa Super Bright Blue PVC Traffic Cone P-1 for a durable and highly visible solution to meet your traffic control needs.

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 75 cm


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