LADWA Cone Connecting Rod – Rod-Red & White P-1Nos

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  • Convenient Connection: The connecting rod provides a convenient and secure way to connect and join multiple traffic safety cones, allowing for the creation of longer barriers or delineating larger areas.
  • High-Quality Construction: The connecting rod is made with durable materials to ensure its longevity and reliability in various environments and conditions.
  • Easy to Use: The design of the connecting rod enables easy attachment and detachment from the cones, allowing for quick setup and disassembly.
  • Enhanced Stability: By connecting multiple cones together, the rod helps to improve the stability and integrity of the overall cone configuration, ensuring that the cones stay in place even in windy conditions or when subjected to accidental impacts.
  • Versatile Application: The LADWA Cone Connecting Rod – P1 is suitable for a range of applications such as traffic control, construction sites, roadwork, and event management, providing an effective solution for creating visual barriers or directing traffic flow.

The LADWA Cone Connecting Rod – P1 is a specialized accessory designed to connect and link multiple traffic safety cones together. Here are some key points about the product. The LADWA Cone Connecting Rod – P1 is a reliable and practical accessory that enhances the functionality and versatility of traffic safety cones. Its durable construction, easy usability, and ability to create more extensive configurations make it a valuable tool for promoting safety and maintaining order in various situations.

Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 10.5 cm


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