Ladwa Floor Marking Tape Green (4Inch) P-1

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Wide Coverage:
Ladwa Floor Marking Tape in Green (4 Inch) offers a broad width for extensive and highly visible floor markings, making it an effective solution for industrial and commercial applications.
Distinctive Green Color:
The unique green color enhances visibility, allowing for clear demarcation of specific areas, pathways, or safety zones within a facility.
Durable Construction:
Crafted from robust materials, this tape is designed to withstand heavy traffic and challenging industrial conditions, providing a durable and long-lasting solution for floor marking needs.
Efficient Application:
With a 4-inch width, the tape allows for efficient and quick application, making it well-suited for marking large areas or creating highly visible designations in the workplace.
Secure Adhesive Backing:
Equipped with a strong adhesive backing, the tape ensures a secure attachment to various surfaces, promoting stability and preventing unintended lifting or shifting over time.


Ladwa Floor Marking Tape in Green (4 Inch) is an excellent choice for those seeking a wider and more visible solution for floor markings. The 4-inch width provides extensive coverage, making it ideal for large areas or spaces that require clear demarcation. The distinctive green color enhances visibility and is easily recognizable in industrial settings. Crafted from durable materials, this tape is built to withstand heavy traffic and challenging conditions, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable floor marking solution. Its strong adhesive backing guarantees secure attachment to different surfaces, promoting stability and reliability in creating well-defined pathways, zones, or designations within the workplace.


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