LADWA 3Pc Road Barricade 2000mm x 500mm x 1250mm, For Road Safety


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Introducing the LADWA 3Pc Road Barricade, a robust and adaptable solution for traffic control and safety management. Its eye-catching yellow and red body, complemented by sleek black legs, ensures high visibility on the road. Measuring 2000mm in length, 500mm in width, and 1250mm in height, this barricade provides extensive coverage and prominence. With dual filling options of water or sand for stability, and convenient drainage caps on each leg, setup and maintenance are effortless. Furthermore, its designated logo printing area allows for customization with corporate branding or cautionary messages. The LADWA 3Pc Road Barricade is not only a practical tool for directing traffic and delineating construction zones but also a reliable safeguard for enhancing overall road safety.

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