LADWA Solutions Inc Plastic Spring Post (Orange)


  • Three bands of highly reflective sheet pasted on specially designed grooves for long life, make it highly visible from distance at night or in bad weather.
  • Spring post is easy to install with epoxy and other strong adhesives without any damage to roads or bridges and 3 anchor bolts.
  • Made of elastomeric polymer makes it strong & resistant against repeated crashes and shocks.
  • Its excellent rebound ability quickly restores it to its original state without any damage to the vehicle
  • UV Stabilized non-fading colors. Reflective stripes for nighttime visibility.
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Our brand Ladwa believes to provide good quality products to our customer so that customer will get satisfaction as they want. Our first priority is to provide the best product to our customers. We are making a product with good quality so that we can fulfill our customer needs.

Safety Traffic Cones made of PVC Materials lined with reflective tape.Traffic cones are usually used to divert traffic. The reflective sleeves are for nighttime visibility; the bosses at the top ease handling and can be used for attaching caution tape or traffic Chain.

  • Flexible posts reduce the risk of motorist injury.

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Weight 1.6 kg

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  1. Vincenzo P

    Good product

    Good product , color is bright and useful for safety / security use. Packaging was bit cumbersome, took 10 min and lot of effort to remove.

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