LADWA 750mm Impact Resistant Road 3 Traffic Safety Green Cones + 3 mtr chain + 3 Hooks.


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  • A pack of 3 green color 750mm traffic cones refers to a set containing three individual traffic cones of the specified dimensions.
  • Each traffic cone in the pack has a height of 750mm, which is approximately 29.5 inches.
  • The cones are designed for traffic control, safety, and signaling purposes.
  • The green color of the traffic cones provides high visibility and stands out in different environments.
  • The pack of 3 traffic cones offers convenience and flexibility, allowing for placement in multiple locations or situations.
  • Each cone is typically made of durable materials like PVC or polyethylene to withstand outdoor conditions and potential impacts.
  • The cones may have a wide base for stability and can feature reflective collars or tapes to enhance visibility during nighttime or low-light conditions.
  • Green traffic cones are commonly used to indicate temporary or alternative routes for traffic during roadworks, construction sites, or events.
  • The pack of 3 green traffic cones can be used together to mark a specific area, create a traffic barrier, or provide directional guidance.
  • The cones can be strategically placed to manage traffic flow, delineate boundaries, or alert drivers and pedestrians to potential hazards.
  • Having a pack of 3 green color 750mm traffic cones is beneficial for organizations, road maintenance crews, event planners, or individuals requiring traffic control equipment.
  • The additional cone in the pack increases the versatility and coverage of traffic control measures in various settings.


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