LADWA 750mm Combo of Impact Resistant Road 1 Traffic Safety Blue Cones + 1 mtr chain + 1 Hooks.


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  • A blue color 750mm traffic cone is a specific type of traffic cone commonly used for traffic control and safety purposes.
  • The cone has a height of 750mm, which is approximately 29.5 inches.
  • The blue color of the traffic cone provides visibility and stands out in various environments.
  • Blue traffic cones are often used to indicate specific instructions or regulations in traffic management.
  • They may be used to designate reserved parking areas, handicap parking, or indicate specific zones for loading and unloading.
  • The 750mm blue traffic cone is typically made of durable materials such as PVC or polyethylene to withstand outdoor conditions and potential impacts.
  • The cone usually has a wide base for stability and may feature reflective collars or tapes to enhance visibility during nighttime or low-light conditions.
  • Blue traffic cones are commonly employed in situations where specific information or instructions need to be conveyed to drivers and pedestrians.
  • The blue color of the cone may also be associated with specific traffic regulations or requirements in certain jurisdictions.
  • The 750mm size of the cone makes it noticeable and visible to drivers and pedestrians, aiding in directing and guiding traffic flow.
  • Blue traffic cones are an integral part of traffic management strategies to ensure safety and facilitate organized movement in specific areas or situations.


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